2016 EAA Scholarship Winners Announced

EAA-Union-Avatar_FacebookThree weeks ago, the EAA Scholarship Committee convened at EAA HQ in Downtown Los Angeles to determine who this year’s beneficiaries would be. After having read through every single submission, the EAA Scholarship Committee was able to narrow the selection down to the five most compelling essays. Thanks to your membership dues, your union has made it possible to lighten the financial burden for five college kids from within your professional network. You might even happen to know one of them personally.

The five winners of the 2016 Engineers & Architects Association College Scholarship Fund were announced at the August meeting for the Board of Governors. Each recipient was awarded a college scholarship to the tune of $4,000. The winners are as follows:

  1. Mia Chao – Leonard N. Stern School of Business – NYU
    Mia Chao_EAA-Scholarship
  2. Lauryn N. Greene – Santa Barbara Community CollegeLauryn N Greene_EAA Scholarship
  3. Kobindi M. Nwadiwe – Mechanical Engineering – Kobindi M Nwadiwe_EAA-Scholarship
  4. Bryan A. Lim – Chemical Engineering – UC BerkeleyBryan A Linn_EAA-Scholarship
  5. Krystan RacsKrystan Racs is currently enjoying her summer abroad in England. She will receive her college scholarship check upon her return.