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A Message from EAA Executive Director

Bill Violante

Dear EAA Member:

The highly anticipated US Supreme Court decision Janus v AFSCME was issued yesterday.

As we predicted, the conservative majority ruled 5-4 against public sector unions collecting an “agency fee”, monies from non-members to cover the costs of researching and negotiating a MOU on behalf of thousands of workers, otherwise known as a collective bargaining agreement or MOU.

The Court ruled on three issues holding that:

  1. The District Court had jurisdiction over petitioner’s suit
  2. The states extraction of agency fee from nonconsenting public-sector employees violated the First Amendment
  3. States and public-sector unions may no longer extract agency fees from nonconsenting employees

As a result of this decision, effective June 27, 2018 EAA can no longer collect dues from agency fee payers.

We are meeting with our attorney, attorneys from the County and State Federations of Labor, etc. to determine our next steps. In the meantime, we encourage all dues paying members to remain steadfast and encourage agency fee payers to become dues paying members. Our strength lies in our membership.

Strength in Unity – United we stand. Separated we fall.

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