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EAA was formed in 1894 as a professional association to represent and promote the interests of professionals in the City of Los Angeles.



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A Message from EAA President

Saturday Aisuan

Union Sisters and Brothers,

[October 23, 2019]  I am pleased to announce my appointments to the newly established Ad-Hoc Political Advisory Committee (Ad-Hoc PAC):

  • John Dierking (Chair) – Governor, MOU 1
  • Larry Day – Governor, MOU 19
  • Ari Briski – Unit Council, MOU 21
  • Joan Washington – Unit Council, MOU 1
  • ToMai Nguyen, EAA Steward
  • Nivar Rivera – EAA Steward
  • Christine Youssef – EAA Steward
  • Rolfe Parkes – EAA Member
  • Dave Somers – EAA Member

With the Ad-Hoc PAC now constituted, and with Board-adopted Guidelines in place, the Committee will take responsibility for making recommendations to the Board for (1) choosing among any and all candidates seeking EAA’s prized endorsement; and (2) any requests from candidates or office holders for political contributions. 

Many thanks to these EAA Members, who have volunteered for this important Service to their Union.


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