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EAA was formed in 1894 as a professional association to represent and promote the interests of professionals in the City of Los Angeles.



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A Message from EAA President

Saturday Aisuan

EAA Sisters and Brothers,

EAA dues-paying members for MOU 1, 19, 20, and 21 voted to approve their individual MOUs. EAA dues paying members as a whole voted to approve amendments to the Bylaws to increase EAA dues from .8% to 1.0% and to allow for electronic voting. 

The results have been certified by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) the third-party neutral conducting the election.  The election results are posted on the website. All four MOUs are making their way through the process for approval by the Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee and the full City Council.

I want to thank entire EAA Team of Negotiators: Executive Director Bill Violante, Senior Labor Rep Marleen Fonseca, the Board of Governors, the Unit Councils, and the subject matter experts for all of their time, energy, and hard work in bringing forth to EAA members the best contract in the history of EAA.

Periodical progress updates will follow.

Yours in service, 

Saturday Aisuan
EAA President

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