Member Benefits

  • Vigorous and effective union representation in personnel matters.
  • Best success rate representing at the ERB and Civil Service Commission.
  • Access to downloadable Grievance Initiation and Grievance Appeal forms, on the EAA website.
  • Access to Weingarten Rights Overview.
  • Access to your staff Labor Representative (Members additionally have direct email communication to their representative by accessing their representative’s individual page)
  • Access to your Elected Representatives (Governors, Unit Council, Union Stewards). (Members have direct email communication to their Governors by accessing their Governor’s page)

Additional Benefits For Voluntary Dues-Paying Members

In order to take advantage of these benefits, you must be a Voluntary Dues paying member.

  • The same low dues rate as agency fee payers, but with more benefits!.
  • The right to vote on your MOU.
  • The right to vote for the members who will represent you in negotiations and policy decisions.
  • The right to run for and hold elected office.
  • The right to become involved as a Union Steward in your workplace.
  • Extensive Member Education in union membership, advocacy, and history, on the EAA website.
  • Additional Member Education in laws and rules that apply in your workplace, on the EAA website.
  • Best access to EAA staff, including direct email communications.
  • Best access to Governors, including direct email communications.
  • Best access to Unit Council and Union Stewards.
  • Dental/Vision/Chiropractic/Acupuncture Insurance – This also includes chiropractic and acupuncture coverage. Please contact our office for details at (213) 620.6920 ext 0.  (a link will be provided to the enrollment letter at the next open enrollment period)
  • EAA Scholarships: For details on the 2013-2014 scholarship program click HERE.
  • See’s Candy: certificates at a discount at the EAA offices.
  • Movie Tickets: at a discount at the EAA offices.