Union Links:

Harry Bridges Institute EAA works actively with the Harry Bridges Institute. It is named for a long-time labor leader in California and is dedicated to the furtherance of unionization.

Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Labor Coalition The Harbor Labor Coalition was created to address local concerns in the Harbor by unifying various disparate Locals in the area.

City Links:

Los Angeles, Structure of a City Government Hosted and published by the League of Women Voters, this book is of interest to everyone who either lives or works in Los Angeles.

City of Los Angeles the City website has a great deal of useful information regarding the City that pays your wages. Some of the most frequently used pages are accessed directly by various links throughout the EAA website.

CityFone: this feature of the City website allows you to locate needed phone numbers within the City bureaucracy.

Labor MOUs see the MOUs for all City bargaining units including DWP.

Charters and Codes from this link you can find the City Charter, the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC), the Administrative Code, and other documents related to City Government. Beware that the indexing system for these codes is not as intuitive or user-friendly as it could be. Perseverance, however, will ultimately be rewarded.

Media Links:

CityWatch Los Angeles City Watch publishes news and opinion pieces about Los Angeles issues and politics. Since some of their pieces are written by advocates, not professional reporters, the opinions expressed may represent different aspects of the same issue.

Daily News Los Angeles The Daily News is a daily newspaper based in the San Fernando Valley. Their editorials reflect this base and are frequently critical of City government.

LA Weekly LA Weekly carries mostly local news and a lot of local events. 

Los Angeles Times The Los Angeles Times is the daily newspaper generally associated with Los Angeles and is based downtown, near City Hall. They cover City Hall issues regularly.