Despite significant reduction in the City of Los Angeles’s workforce and reforming the pension system, Los Angeles faces a budget deficit or more than $200 million that further threatens our most essential services. Additional cuts to fire, police and paramedic services are not an option if we want to maintain the current level of protection for our neighborhoods.
Proposition A will help restore a severely understaffed fire department, help maintain police and paramedic staffing levels and ensure fast and effective 911 response services to make sure residents receive quality emergency medical care and get to the hospital quickly.
Proposition A also ensures that everyone pays their fair share, including businesses and the millions of tourists and people from nearby cities who visit Los Angeles every year to shop, eat and attend events.
Proposition A will cost the average Los Angeles resident about $30 per year and by law the tax cannot be applied to food and medicine. Proposition A requires annual independent audits, public review of expenditures and most importantly, these funds cannot be taken away by the state and only be used to maintain vital City of Los Angeles services.
EAA Board of Governors urges you to vote YES on proposition A on Tuesday, March 5, 2013.