Our Union Stewards are the conduit through which the EAA disseminates information to its members. They are also the EAA’s membership recruiters in the workplace. EAA Stewards assist members with workplace problems on a daily basis, acting as the face of EAA to its members and standing firmly on the frontline of EAA’s defense of member rights. Their job sometimes seems thankless, but results in the satisfaction of a “job well-done” when positive results are achieved through their efforts. All members should recognize and appreciate the dedication to the Union that is required of a Steward.

Consider volunteering to serve your brothers and sisters as a Union Steward. Many locations do not enjoy the benefits of having a Steward on-site, little less on-call. There can be a Union Steward in each workplace with represented employees and in each area or floor of the workplace. Check the Member Resources page of this website for informative articles regarding workplace issues (Know The Process and Know Your Rights). 

For a copy of the Union Stewards application, please click the link or come by the office for a hard copy.

1 Acosta Jose C. Housing & Community Investment
21 Aimiuwu Nekpen Public Works
1 Appel Mike GSD
21 Barriga Gonzalo Public Works & Sanitation
20 Castellanos Laura LAPD
1 Cendana Victor Housing & Community Investment
21 Chavez Edna LADOT
20 Cline Steven Recreation and Parks
1 Daniels Juliet LAWA
20 Davis Kevin Recreation and Parks
21 De La Cruz Daniel Public Works & Sanitation
1 Doucet John LAPD
20 Duncan Julie Building and Safety
21 Eskander Nashaat Animal Services
20 Forland John Animal Services
1 Galaviz Diana Controllers Office
21 Gilbertsen Eric Harbor Department
21 Gligorov Mary LADOT
20 Heredia Richard Housing & Community Investment
21 Hernandez Amelia Housing Development
21 Hurley Michael LAPD
21 Jojola Donald Public Works & Sanitation
20 Kelly Randall Recreation and Parks
21 Lau Benjamin Public Works & Sanitation
1 Luo Xiao Ying (Cecilia) Office of Finance
1 Macario Fausto Office of Finance
20 Malin David Harbor Department
20 Mcclendon Shenese LAPD
21 Medrano Cesar Public Works
1 Miller James Office of Finance
1 Minetta Victoria Economic and Workforce Development
1 Moody Christopher LAWA
21 Morrison Paul Public Works
1 Myers Robin Library
1 Newman Terry City Controller
1 Nguyen Tomai Office of Finance
19 Olinger John Public Works
20 Ortiz Ambrosio (Bruce) Housing & Community Investment
1 Ortiz Benjamin Office of Finance
20 Paneno Carl LAPD
21 Pate Philip Harbor Department
21 Quitoriano Vince (Pio) City Planning
20 Reaves Charlotte LAPD
21 Reed Mercy LAPD
1 Rorex Wayne LAPD
21 Salistean John Public Works
1 Youssef Christina Office of Finance
1 Santiago Freyen Economic Development
21 Santistevan Mark Public Works
20 Shaffer Hope (Esperanza) Office of Finance
21 Somers David City Planning
20 Tomines Aida B. Controllers Office
21 Urita-Lopez Haydee Planning
1 Wagner Marc Office of Finance
20 Woo Jill LAPD