Our Union Stewards are the conduit for EAA to disseminate information to its members, and are EAA’s membership recruiters in the workplace. EAA Stewards assist members with workplace problems on a daily basis, providing the face of EAA to its members and stand on the frontline of EAA’s defense of member rights. Their job sometimes seems thankless, but results in the satisfaction of a “job well-done” when positive results are achieved through their efforts. All members should recognize and appreciate the dedication to the Union that is required for this position.

Consider volunteering to serve your brothers and sisters as a Union Steward. Many locations do not enjoy the benefits a Steward. There can be a Union Steward in each workplace with represented employees and in each area or floor of the workplace. Check the Member Resources page of this website for informative articles regarding workplace issues (KNOW THE PROCESS and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS). 


For a copy of the Union Stewards application, please click the link or come by the office for a hard copy.