Mark Santistevan

MOU-21 Governor

Mark D. Santistevan was elected to EAA Board of Governors in February, 2012 as Governor for MOU 21/Technical Unit.

Governor Santistevan has been employed by the City of Los Angeles, and been a member of EAA in good standing, for over twenty-three years. He brings a wealth of experience to the EAA Board of Governors. Governor Santistevan began his service to EAA Membership in November 2010 as a Union Steward in the Bureau of Engineering San Pedro survey field office, advocating for the rights of EAA members.

Governor Santistevan is not only dedicated to protecting and improving the rights and benefits of EAA members; Governor Santistevan continues to work at returning integrity, transparency and accountability to EAA's Board of Governors and to your Union.

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