Larry Day, Governor MOU 19

IMG_4799Larry Day was elected to the EAA Board of Governors in April of 2012 as Governor representing MOU 19 / Supervisory Technical Unit.

Governor Day has been employed by the City of Los Angeles and an EAA Member for over twenty-three years. Governor Day is currently employed in the Los Angeles Police Department in the Scientific Investigations Division as a Senior Photographer II.

Dedicated to returning Integrity, Accountability, and Transparency to the EAA Board of Governors and to your Union, Governor Day decided to run for the EAA Board of Governors. After being elected by MOU 19, Governor Day was appointed by Board President Melissa Popovic as Chair of the Board’s Ad-Hoc Affiliation Search Committee.

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Located In Los Angeles World Trade Center

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Phone: 1.213.620.6920

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