EAA Board of Governors and Committees

In accordance with EAA’s Constitution and By-Laws, there are several levels of elected representatives, each with defined responsibilities. The Board of Governors is composed of one elected member employed in each of the MOUs ┬árepresented by EAA and a number of “at-large” members dependent on the membership total. The Board is tasked with financial and policy setting responsibility.


Executive Committee
Melissa Popovic, Chair/ Board President
Karen Rodriguez, Secretary
John Dierking, Treasurer

Finance Committee
John Dierking, Chair/ Board Treasurer
Jim Miller
Gary Yamamoto
Arturo Faelnar

Membership / Stewards Committee
Marc Wagner, Chair
Melissa Popovic
Mark Santistevan
Shenese McClendon
Kevin Davis

Constitution / Bylaws Committee
Larry Day
Karen Rodriguez
Melissa Popovic

Scholarship Committee
Aida B. Tomines
Karen Rodriguez
Larry Day

Election Committee
Robyn Myers, Chair
Donald Jojola
Oscar Figueroa

Ad-Hoc Community Outreach
Jim Miller
Robyn Myers
Frank Giles
Diana Galaviz
Karen Rodriguez

Click HERE for Board of Governors Meeting agendas and minutes.