EAA represents approximately 5,000 employees in the City of Los Angeles and is the longest standing City union. EAA has represented City employees continuously since it was established in 1894.

Our highly educated union members are employed in a wide variety of occupations in the administrative, professional, and technical fields and many are supervisors or managers. Typical occupations include accountants, planners, IT professionals, surveryors, management analysts, drafting technicians, and many other professional classifications.

EAA members are employed in virtually every City department including Police, Fire, Airports, Public Works, and Harbor. They work at hundreds of locations throughout Los Angeles, from San Pedro to the San Fernando Valley, from Boyle Heights to Bel-Air, and from Hollywood to Westwood. When citizens of Los Angeles require any service from the City government, EAA members are involved in providing that service. Much of the greatness and many of the familiar aspects of the City are due in large part to the dedication and expertise of EAA members.

As a leader among unions in Los Angeles, EAA is involved in many labor coalitions including the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Labor Coalition and the Harry Bridges Institute. We are constantly striving to improve conditions in the workplace for all workers through unionization.

EAA is governed by democratic principles through a representative system in accordance with its Constitution and By-Laws. Its governors are selected from the membership through regular democratic elections. The Executive staff and Labor Representatives, serving the membership at the direction of the Board of Governors, are well-versed in labor law and the Los Angeles political system.