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There has been some confusion about the Tentative Agreement that EAA has signed with the City and whether the agreement applies to all members. Let me be clear – the agreement applies to ALL EAA MEMBERS. Each EAA member will be receiving the 8.25% COLA. There are, in addition, certain classifications that will have changes made to them over the next few months. Those classifications are listed in the attachment to the TA. Please attend the various membership meetings being scheduled so you can hear all the details about the successor contract.

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Five individual lab technicians filed a group grievance. They had been lab technician I’s for nearly two years. Historically, lab technicians in that Division go from I to II after approximately one
A member was in need of privacy for lactation purposes. The department would not accommodate the member\'s request.
Appealing a 20-day suspension for failure to perform work assignments and intentionally destroying city property.
A member was issued a Notice to Correct Deficiencies (NTCD) for insubordination. The member was denied representation in the initial meeting regarding the incident prior to the issuance of the NTCD.
After approximately two months at LAWA, she received a negative resolution from a supervisor, with whom she did not get along. The evaluation period covered a period of time that was two years old. Sh
A member was issued a Notice to Correct Deficiencies (NTCD) for insubordination. The member was denied representation in a meeting regarding the incident prior to the NTCD.
A member was terminated during her probationary period. The member’s Labor Rep investigated the termination and determined that the Department did not follow proper procedures in terminating the emp
Were the supervisors I’s & II’s in the group grievance properly compensated pursuant to the Administrative Code and CAO Rule 17 at a 5.5% salary differential from their highest paid subordinate?
A member contacted his Labor Rep due to the department’s failure to provide reasonable accommodations.
A member was to be terminated for the improper use of FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act).
A member was issued three Comment Cards and an NTCD.
A member was issued a Notice to Correct Deficiencies
Should A Supervisor Be Paid 5.5% More Than A Subordinate?
The department was in the process of implementing a change in shift policy for watch assignments without first conferring with EAA, the recognized bargaining unit.
A member was denied overtime to which she was rightfully entitled.
A member was being investigated for excessive absenteeism. During the process of the department’s investigation, however, it was discovered that the member’s ADA rights were violated.
EAA brought forth a UERP for the Department pf General Service’s actions in terminating a probationary employee. asserting that the department did not follow past practices regarding probationers ev
Member was denied three weeks vacation because of “operational needs.”
A member was terminated for the improper use of FLMA. The member temporarily lost his drivers license due to an off-duty related incident.
A member was denied a change of vacation request while off work from a work related injury although the past practice in the department was to permit the change.
Following the instructions and advise of her Labor Rep member (steward) successfully was granted a work station re-location she requested because of an ongoing poor working relationship with a co-work

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Sisters and Brothers,

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